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Cosmetic trends for 2020-2021

Cosmetics and all of beauty remain at the heart of debates and remain very popular with a large number of us, earthlings, and concerned about our appearance and the image that we project of ourselves and/or to ourselves ! (Everyone in their own way).

The world of cosmetics in 2020

From its discovery in the 14th century to 2020, cosmetics has continued to evolve. Today we can say that it can be summed up in three terms: Committed, varied, consumed!

Analyzes and articles on the subject say: “French households devote a significant part of their budget to their physical appearance: they invest more and more in beauty care. »

  • Committed cosmetics:

Households consume, however, they now invest in a committed and responsible manner. The majority of current consumers are turning to organic, natural and labeled cosmetics.

No more carelessness, our consumer players only rely on cosmetics and products that are safe and perfectly formulated (or almost!).

Is it really effective ? Dermatologists who have dealt with the question will definitely answer that YES , it is good to know what you are applying to your face and the rest of your body. This can prevent many problems such as infections, itching, irritation or skin breakouts!

A complication, or a clue, for brands launching into the industry: your products must be CLEAN and VEGAN . A more than expected start to launch into a niche market such as cosmetics in 2020.

  • A varied and consumed cosmetic…

 The cosmetics industry is vast and many products exist, adapted to the needs, requests and skin concerns encountered by consumers. An environment which therefore continues to evolve, with product releases by brands faster than light!

L'Oréal , the market leader in cosmetics, continues to produce and satisfy every demand and expectation of consumers even before the need arises.

It is said that they create the need, and that is fascinating!

Brands always at the forefront of fashion. Products for everyone and for every part of our body. Cosmetics occupies an important place in everyone's life, with a few exceptions, and represents around €3,000 in a household's annual budget.

  • …Towards nutricosmetics!

A sure step towards nutricosmetics, offering beauty from the inside and for some fewer artifices! From capsules to gummies, nutricosmetic brands allow consumers to find an alternative or complement to shampoos, masks, scrubs, makeup, etc.! Sometimes simpler, and faster!

Products mainly created for hair, nails or skin, which are leaning more and more towards #cleanbeauty! 

The trends of 2020 and what is expected for 2021... Fashion is waiting for you!

Cosmetic and lifestyle trends:

Towards a return to nature?

A desire that does not seem so fleeting to reconnect with nature and the environment, to be more down to earth! A life without artifice and without makeup, why not after all?

What if we keep the makeup then?

For makeup fans, here are the key tones and makeup looks of 2020, which will continue to be reproduced in 2021! Get your brushes!


These are pastel colors, or very bright! How to use it? Here are some examples.


Trends in Nutricosmetics:


  • Gummies, again and again! Your new generation food supplements will never stop surprising you.

  • Food supplements that support you in your daily life, for stress, anxiety, diet, sleep, health...!

Many trends adopted or to be discovered, sources of new products for this year 2020 and the year 2021! Cosmetics surrounds us and has proven to be essential in our daily lives. Do not hesitate to read our article on the beauty routine to follow to take care of yourself every day:


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