😲 Voici ce qui arrive à votre peau si vous arrêtez de vous maquiller plus d'un mois

😲 Here's what happens to your skin if you stop using makeup for more than a month

The unrealizable quest for perfection imposed by our society where beauty reigns supreme pushes women to “work” on their physique. It is the heart of the work that they respond without conviction to these cultural diktats. They use up all their energy and all their time and dry up their wallet without realizing that by wanting to beautify themselves they are only destroying their self-confidence.

Makeup has become their best ally, the only one that can allow them to be in phase with the zero defect objective dictated. Make-up is the ace in hiding imperfections , but wouldn't it put a knife in your back? Wouldn't your friend actually be your enemy? What would happen if you gave your skin a little no-make-up detox treatment for 1 month?

I. Skin enemy n°1: Makeup

Makeup is in fact the easy solution that allows you to achieve skin perfection in appearance. In reality, the daily application of this masking cosmetic takes you further away from your perfect skin goal every day.

Harmful chemical compounds

Because yes, these are most often chemical compounds that you apply to your skin : blush, powder, foundation , etc. The tiny particles of these products will lodge in the hollow of the pores of your skin to hide enlarged pores and imperfections and give it a smooth appearance. However, this veil will prevent your pores from breathing . Stressed, they will secrete more sebum : their weapon of defense. Result ? By wanting to protect yourself from the cosmetic substances that suffocate them, the pores will clog themselves, the irony, isn't it? As the days go by with makeup , the obstruction will be such that the pores will dilate in an attempt to breathe and the excess sebum will cause skin breakouts . And we're going to hide them with makeup . It's the snake that bites its own tail...

Contaminated accessories

There is no worse breeding ground for bacteria than makeup brushes and mascara brushes . Do you wash them after each use? If the answer is no, your negligence will damage your skin . Each time you use one of your beauty accessories , you deposit an avalanche of germs on your skin . These little creatures will love to take refuge in your pores to feed on the excess sebum linked to makeup . They will then develop and inflammation is guaranteed with the more or less purulent spots that go with it.

Sloppy makeup removal

Sleeping badly without makeup ? This is the worst thing you can do to your skin . First, it's at night that your body focuses a lot of its energy on renewing your skin cells : the "new" cells push the dead cells outwards to take their place. This is the process of desquamation . However, if you sleep with makeup on , the dead cells remain stuck to the skin and accumulate . The complexion becomes dull. Second, your mascara -laden lashes will get damp overnight and become sticky. They will come apart as soon as you try to remove the remaining makeup . You can say goodbye to the trimmed ciliary fringe . And thirdly, even if it only happens to you once that you don't remove your makeup out of laziness, you will soak your sheets with it, which will not fail to take revenge on your skin the next few nights.

Guaranteed accelerated aging

With age , the temptation to hide the creases that are deepening is great, but don't succumb to it! The cosmetic material will lodge in the fine lines and accentuate them. In addition, brutal actions repeated daily will promote the loss of elasticity of the skin and therefore wrinkles . Who has never pulled on their eyelid to draw THE perfect eyeliner line? Who has never scrubbed to remove their makeup ? What if storing your makeup in the back of your vanity case was the solution to preserving your youth ?

II. Day 1 of skin respite

Just like us, the skin needs to breathe to live . Without being suffocated by layers of makeup, she is already starting to breathe better and gradually come back to life .

Without this cosmetic barrier , it is now in direct contact with the environment , with which it can now react correctly. This allows it to rebalance itself and adapt its sebum production and natural hydration levels according to the external factors around it.

This daytime make-up detox helps facilitate night-time skin regeneration . The next morning, the complexion is already brighter .

III. Without make-up for 1 week

After several full nights with optimized regeneration , the skin is visibly of better quality . Excess sebum is now just an ugly memory. The skin is purified , less oily and rashes , acne and blackheads are rare. Pores breathe better and tighten .

IV. 1 month of no makeup

Obviously, the more time passes, the more the skin benefits from the benefits of this cosmetic break . 28 days corresponds to the duration of the cell renewal cycle.

When we wear makeup , we alter the cell renewal cycle as well as natural exfoliation and sebum production .

Not wearing makeup for 1 month , i.e. during a cell cycle , allows you to have new cells in perfect health for optimal skin quality . The pores no longer become blocked and the skin texture improves , imperfections become rarer and the complexion is brighter.

Adopt no make-up and give your daily mistreated skin a rebirth! Did you know that there are natural nutricosmetic solutions for a makeup effect without being: Gold & Glow is the perfect example.

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