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In our incessant quest for beauty and well-being, we are constantly looking for effective and natural solutions to enhance our appearance. Among the many ingredients that have proven themselves in the cosmetic and nutricosmetic field, keratin stands out as one of the key elements for strong hair, radiant skin and resplendent nails.

Keratin, a fibrous protein found naturally in the human body, is responsible for the structure and strength of our hair, skin and appendages. This essential substance acts as a protective shield, reinforcing the natural barrier of our tissues and protecting them from external aggressions such as pollution, UV rays, aggressive chemical substances, heat (hair dryer).

In this article, we will explore in depth the multiple benefits of keratin on hair, but not only that. It repairs damaged hair, strengthens it and certainly protects it. But it is important to highlight its crucial role in improving skin texture and radiance, as well as strengthening and enhancing nails. We will also examine how to choose and use keratin-enriched treatments wisely, as well as the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle to optimize results.

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of keratin and discover the secret to natural, radiant beauty, from the inside and out.

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1: Understanding Keratin

1.1 What is keratin?

Keratin is a fibrous protein found naturally in the human body , playing an essential role in the structure and health of hair and skin. It is mainly made up of amino acids, such as cysteine, methionine and tyrosine, which combine to form strong, strong protein chains.

Structure and composition of keratin:

Keratin looks like long twisted threads in the shape of spirals. This special shape gives it its strength and its ability to hold up well. It's a bit like the springs that keep our mattresses in good condition. These keratin threads serve as strong foundations and protective barriers wherever they are in our body, such as our hair, skin and skin appendages.

Role of keratin in the human body:

Keratin performs various essential functions in the human body. In the hair, it constitutes the majority of the hair fiber, ensuring its resistance, flexibility and shine, in particular by sealing the scales of the hair which thus reflects the light better. On the skin, this protein helps maintain its structural integrity by forming a protective barrier against external aggressions, while promoting cell regeneration. Finally, in the nails, this molecular spring provides strength and resistance, helping to prevent breakage and cracking.

Origin and manufacture of keratin used in cosmetics and nutricosmetics:

The keratin used in cosmetic and nutricosmetic treatments can have different origins. It can be of animal origin, generally coming from sheep's wool or bird feathers,

The animal keratin extraction process begins by collecting animal by-products, such as feathers, hair or claws, from slaughterhouses or other sources. These raw materials are then processed to clean, disinfect and break them into smaller pieces to facilitate the extraction process. Next, the raw materials undergo hydrolysis, a chemical or enzymatic process aimed at breaking protein bonds and separating the keratin from other components. Once the keratin is extracted, it is purified to remove impurities and residue, resulting in a solution containing keratin peptides. Finally, these keratin peptides are processed into final products such as powders, gels or liquids, suitable for use in various industries such as cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. This process makes it possible to valorize animal by-products by extracting and using keratin efficiently.


But it can also be of plant origin, extracted from sources such as wheat, soy or corn. The extraction process of plant keratin differs from that of animal keratin due to the origin of the raw materials. Unlike animal keratin, which is extracted from animal by-products such as feathers, hair or claws, plant keratin comes from plant sources such as wheat, sea algae or quinoa seeds. The plant keratin extraction process begins with the selection of protein-rich plant raw materials, which are then processed to release the proteins and beneficial compounds. Then, plant proteins are extracted from the raw materials using specific techniques such as solvent extraction or water extraction. The extracted proteins are then purified to remove impurities and contaminants, resulting in a high-quality final product. Finally, plant keratin proteins are processed into various finished products suitable for use in various industries such as cosmetics, nutrition and health. In our Absolu+ Hair , we use a unique and patented plant-based keratin, grown in France in the Chambord region and extracted using an environmentally friendly process.

This process highlights the importance of choosing the right raw material sources and extraction methods to achieve high-quality keratin care, whether animal or plant-based.

1.2 The different types of keratin

Keratin exists in different forms and can be classified into several categories depending on its origin and its properties. Here is an overview of the main existing types:

Alpha and beta keratin: what are the differences?

Keratin can be classified into two main categories: alpha and beta. The alpha form is the most common in the human body, especially in the appendages and skin. It is responsible for the strength and structure of these tissues. The beta form, on the other hand, is less common and is mainly found in the hair, feathers and claws of animals.

Animal keratin vs. plant keratin: advantages and disadvantages

Keratin can be extracted from animal or plant sources. When animal, it is usually derived from sheep's wool, bird feathers, or animal hooves. It is appreciated for its similarity to that which is naturally present in the human body, but can pose ethical and environmental problems. On the other hand, when it is plant-based, it is obtained from sources such as wheat, soy or corn, offering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative, although its similarity to the human form may vary.

Importance of the quality and purity of keratin in care

Whatever its origin, the quality and purity of keratin used in hair, nail and skin care are crucial to guarantee their effectiveness and safety. High-quality protein, obtained from controlled sources and carefully purified, is essential to providing the nutrients needed for healthy skin and hair. It is therefore important to choose products containing a quality form, formulated with safe and beneficial ingredients for health.

1.3 The importance of keratin for aesthetics

Keratin plays a crucial role in preserving and enhancing the natural appearance, particularly of hair, skin and nails. Its importance lies in several key aspects:

Health impact of keratin on hair, skin and nails:

Keratin is an essential part of the structure of hair, skin and nails. It acts as a protective shield, reinforcing the resistance of these fabrics to external aggressions such as pollution , UV rays, heat (hair dryer) and chemical substances present in hair and skin care. Additionally, using keratin on hair and skin helps maintain its hydration, ensuring it looks clear and vibrant.

Relationships between keratin deficiencies and aesthetic problems:

Keratin deficiency can lead to various aesthetic problems, such as repairing damaged, brittle and dull hair, hydrating dry and dehydrated skin , as well as strengthening weak and crack-prone nails. These signs often indicate a weakening of tissue structure, caused by a lack of this molecule and other essential nutrients. Therefore, it is important to maintain adequate levels of this key molecule for healthy skin and hair.

Why choose treatments enriched with keratin for lasting beauty:

By integrating cosmetics or nutricosmetics enriched with keratin into your care routine, you can nourish and strengthen the structure of your hair and skin from the inside. These provide tissues with the nutrients needed to stimulate the production of keratin found in our hair and skin to improve their overall health. Additionally, keratin nail, skin and hair formulas provide additional protection against environmental damage, helping to prevent signs of premature aging and maintain a youthful, radiant appearance.

2: The benefits of keratin for hair

2.1 Strengthen and protect hair and repair damaged hair

Keratin hair treatments are particularly effective in sealing the hair scales, strengthening and protecting the hair, offering a complete solution to repair damaged and weakened hair.

Effects of keratin on hair, their strength and resistance:

Keratin is the main building block of hair, responsible for its strength and elasticity. Keratin hair treatments penetrate deep into the hair fiber, sealing the hair scales and filling gaps and cracks caused by damage and thus strengthening the structure of the hair fiber from the inside while smoothing the hair. This helps protect the hair, reduce breakage and brittleness, repair damaged hair and make hair look healthier and more robust.

Repair of hair damage thanks to keratin:

Keratin hair treatments are also effective in repairing damaged hair from damage caused by heat (blow dryers), coloring, perming, and other harsh chemical treatments. This protein helps restore vitality and softness to hair by replenishing damaged areas of the hair cuticle and scales, improving hair texture and shine and smoothing frizz.

Prevention of breakage and split ends:

By sealing the hair scales, strengthening the structure of the hair fiber and improving its elasticity, keratin hair care helps prevent breakage and split ends and therefore repair damaged hair. They form a protective barrier around each strand of hair, reducing the risk of damage caused by friction, over-styling and other environmental factors. This helps protect the hair and ensures long growth and healthy hair, while maintaining its silky, smooth and shiny appearance.

2.2 Rejuvenate and beautify the skin

Do we use keratin for hair only? No, the use of this protein is not limited to hair; it also plays a crucial role in the health and appearance of the skin. Keratin treatments offer a complete solution to rejuvenate and beautify the skin, providing hydration, firmness and radiance.

Role of keratin in maintaining skin elasticity and firmness:

Keratin helps maintain skin elasticity and firmness by strengthening the protein structures that support skin tissue. By promoting the production of collagen and elastin, it helps prevent sagging skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving skin a younger, more toned appearance.

Reduction of signs of skin aging thanks to keratin:

Keratin treatments are also effective in reducing signs of skin aging, such as age spots, texture irregularities and enlarged pores. This molecule acts as a hydrating and regenerating agent, stimulating cell renewal and promoting the elimination of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smoother, brighter and more even.

Evening out the complexion and improving the texture of the skin:

By regulating melanin production and improving skin microcirculation, keratin treatments help to even out and smooth the complexion and reduce skin imperfections, such as dark spots, redness and acne scars. In addition, this protein helps restore the skin's natural protective barrier , making it more resistant to external aggressions and less prone to irritation and inflammation.

2.3 Strengthen and enhance nails

If the role of keratin for hair is undeniable, it also plays an important role in the health and appearance of nails . Keratin treatments offer a complete solution to strengthen and enhance them, providing strength, resistance and natural shine.

Effects of keratin on nail strength and growth:

Keratin is one of the main structural components of nails, giving them strength and resistance. The treatments rich in it nourish and strengthen these integuments from the inside, filling in the gaps and fissures caused by external aggressions and promoting their healthy growth. This helps prevent brittleness and breakage, giving them a nicer, neater appearance.

Prevention of fragile and brittle nail problems thanks to keratin:

Treatments comprised of keratin are also effective in preventing common problems such as weak and brittle nails. By strengthening the structure and improving flexibility, it protects them against damage caused by impact, friction and aggressive chemicals. This allows for longer, stronger growth, while maintaining integrity and beautiful natural appearance.

How to get healthy, strong nails with keratin:

By integrating keratin treatments into your nail care routine, you can nourish and strengthen your nails effectively. These nail treatments provide essential nutrients to stimulate the endogenous production of this molecule and improve their overall health. In addition, formulas that contain this famous and virtuous protein offer additional protection against external aggressions, thus helping to prevent common problems such as fragility, breakage and splitting.

3: Integrate keratin treatments into your skincare routine

3.1 Choice of beautifying treatments enriched with keratin

When it comes to choosing keratin treatments, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure their effectiveness and safety. Here are some things to consider:

Presentation of the different types of treatments containing keratin:

Keratin-based cosmetic and nutricosmetic treatments come in a variety of formats, including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, facial creams and nail serums, as well as hair and skin dietary supplements . Each type offers specific benefits, so it's important to choose the one that best meets your needs and personal preferences.

Criteria to take into account when selecting quality products:

When choosing cosmetic or nutricosmetic products enriched with keratin , it is important to look for reputable brands that use high-quality ingredients and safe formulations. Opt for manufacturing by companies that respect the environment and are committed to ethical practices. Also make sure there are no harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and silicones, which can be harsh on skin and hair.

Benefits of integrating keratin into your daily care routine:

By integrating keratin-enriched treatments into your daily care routine, you can benefit from a multitude of benefits for healthy, beautified skin and hair. These provide intense hydration, strengthen the structure of tissues and improve their elasticity, while protecting against damage caused by environmental aggressions. Additionally, this protein helps reduce signs of premature aging and maintain a youthful, radiant appearance.

3.2 Optimal use of keratin products

To get the most out of keratin and maximize their benefits for your hair and skin, it is important to follow some tips for optimal effectiveness:

Follow the instructions for use:

When using keratin treatments, it is essential to carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure that you use the product in the correct way and get the best possible results. Whether for a shampoo, a pre-hair dryer conditioner, a hair mask or a facial cream, respect the recommended application times and the recommended frequency of use.

Integrate the products into your regular skincare routine:

To achieve optimal performance, incorporate keratin treatments into your daily or weekly skincare routine. For example, use a keratin-enriched shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair, and apply a keratin hair mask once a week to deeply nourish and strengthen your hair. You can also use a conditioner before blow drying.

Complete with other care products:

For even more spectacular results, combine keratin treatments with other complementary treatments. For example, use a keratin-enriched nail serum after applying your favorite polish to strengthen and protect your nails. Likewise, combine facial creams composed of keratin with serums or oils to maximize hydration and regeneration of the skin.

Be patient and persistent:

Results from keratin products may take time to appear, so be patient and persistent in your use. It is important to maintain regular and consistent use to observe significant improvements in healthy skin and hair.

Consult a professional if necessary:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of keratin-based treatments, do not hesitate to consult an aesthetic professional or dermatologist. They will be able to provide you with personalized advice and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

3.3 Adopt a healthy lifestyle to optimize the benefits of keratin

To maximize the benefits of keratin on hair, skin and appendages, it is essential to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Here are some tips to optimize the results of keratin treatments:

1. Balanced diet: A diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals is essential to promote the production of keratin in the body . Include foods such as eggs, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds in your diet to provide your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal health.

2. Adequate hydration: Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day to maintain optimal hydration of your hair, skin and appendages. Water is essential for transporting nutrients to your body's cells, including those responsible for producing keratin.

3. Stress Management: Chronic stress can negatively impact the health of your hair and skin, weakening their structure and compromising their appearance. Practice stress management techniques such as meditation, yoga, or deep breathing to maintain emotional balance and promote a healthy, radiant appearance.

4. Restorative sleep: Quality sleep is essential for the regeneration of your body's cells, including those that secrete keratin. Make sure you get enough sleep each night and maintain a regular sleep routine to promote glowing skin, strong hair, and healthy appendages.

5. Limiting external stressors: Avoid external stressors such as excessive sun exposure, harsh chemicals and hot styling tools as much as possible. Protect your hair, skin and manicure with sun protection treatments and gentle, nourishing hair and skin care.

6. Regular physical activity: Regular exercise promotes blood circulation, which can stimulate hair growth, improve skin radiance and strengthen nails. Incorporate physical activities such as walking, running, swimming or yoga into your daily routine to maximize the benefits of keratin on your body and mind.

By adopting a healthy, balanced lifestyle, you can maximize the benefits of ératine treatments for a natural beauty look and feel, both inside and out.

Through this article, we have explored the many benefits of keratin for hair, nails and skin. From its ability to strengthen and protect our tissues against external aggression to its crucial role in the regeneration and vitality of our hair fibers, keratin proves to be a precious ally for those seeking to enhance their appearance in a natural way.

By understanding the importance of keratin for hair, skin and appendages, whether for sublimation or health, we are better equipped to choose beauty treatments enriched with this miracle ingredient and integrate them wisely into our routine. daily care. In addition, by adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, we can optimize the results of keratin-based treatments, maximizing their effectiveness for radiant beauty and radiant vitality.

So, whether you want to revitalize and repair damaged hair, brighten your complexion or strengthen weak nails, don't forget the transformative power of keratin. With informed choices and a holistic approach to beauty, you can achieve remarkable results and regain glowing confidence in your natural appearance.

Don't wait any longer to let yourself be seduced by the benefits of keratin and discover a new dimension of beauty and well-being, where radiance and vitality meet to reveal the best version of yourself.

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