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Activateur de bronzage

Préparation solaire Protection cellulaire Pigmentation de la peau

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  • Chewable tablets without sugar
  • Natural passion fruit flavor
  • For a perfect tan, a pretty luminous complexion and a natural tan in winter
  • Formulated by a doctor

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Pot de 60 compléments à croquer activateur de bronzage saveur tropical passion
Cure de comprimés à croquer autobronzants à prendre avant l&
Complément alimentaire naturel pour la préparer la peau au soleil, la protection solaire, activer et accélérer le bronzage, réparer la peau après une exposition et prolonger le bronzage. Bonne mine garantie avec ce produit l&
Suppléments nutritionnels végétariens et vegans. Formulés par un médecin. Arômes et colorants naturels. Sans sucres. Plantes. Nutriments Essentiels. Sans Additifs controversés. Sans OGM. Sans dioxide de titane. Eco conçus.
Fabriqué en France. Usine Verte. Emballages recyclables et certifiés FSC (issus de forêt durablement gérés). Encres d&
Complément alimentaire à base de d&
Association des gummies Gold & Glow pour une belle peau avec les compléments à croquer activateurs de bronzage pour un teint hâlé et un bronzage naturel, sublime et uniforme
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For who ?

All skin types
Those who resist capsules
Gold & Glow lovers who want to intensify the effects on the complexion of their daily Gold & Glow treatment
Busy workers who don't have time to take or think about taking their food supplements, or to tan


Tan activator: Sun preparation - Cellular protection - Pigmentation

Sunny skin all year round? It is now possible with Absolu+ Solar. A real tan activator in summer, it acts as a concentrate for a healthy glow in winter! In the delicious form of sugar-free chewable tablets with natural passion fruit flavor, you will love taking care of your complexion!

Fruity Tablets with Unparalleled Skin Benefits

  • Preparation for the sun: +16%* skin resistance to UV rays and delay of sunburn
  • Sun protection: +63%* of antioxidant enzymes (skin defenses) & -72%* of cells affected by sunburn
  • Activation and acceleration of tanning
  • Participation in the installation of a nice progressive, natural, luminous and uniform tan
  • Sublimation of skin color
  • Tan extension
  • Repair of damage induced by the sun's UV rays: dehydration, premature aging (wrinkles, loss of elasticity, roughness), spots

* According to a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study conducted on 88 men and women between 18 and 50 years old to whom 20 mg of Holimel were administered daily for 4 weeks.



For 3 tablets

ASTAREAL® - Haematococcus pluvialis powder titrated in astaxanthin

30 mg including 1.5 mg asthaxanthin

Tomato extract titrated in lycopene

30 mg therefore 3 mg of lycopene

HOLIMEL® M - Melon juice concentrated in SOD

20 mg including 280 IU of SOD


0.20 mg (20% of AR*)

*AR: Reference intakes

Astareal® is the most studied astaxanthin in the world with more than 60 supporting clinical trials involving more than 1,400 participants.

Holimel® (Robertet group brand) is a variety of Cantaloupe melon with an impressive lifespan as well as an exceptionally high SOD content, a powerful antioxidant. Its effectiveness and assimilation were clinically proven in a study carried out over 4 weeks on 88 subjects. It is a 100% Natural & Organic French ingredient, allergen-free and vegan, resulting from a patented, ecological and environmentally friendly extraction process, without solvents and without additives.


✓ How much? 3 chewable tablets per day (1 jar = 60 tablets = 20 days)

✓ When? At any time of the day: during a meal or as a snack.

✓ How long? 

Solar period: 

  • 1 month before exposure to the sun to prepare your skin and activate the tan.
  • 2 months during sun exposure to accelerate tanning.
  • 1 month after prolonged exposure to prolong the tan.

Outside of exhibitions: 3 months to be renewed 1 to 2 times a year for a tanned complexion.

✓ Promises? First results within 30 days. Optimal results after 12 weeks.*

 *Results may vary from person to person.

Precautions for use

Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Store in a cool, dry place and away from light.

Keep out of reach of young children.

Contains iodine (maximum 2 µg per daily intake). Not recommended for people suffering from thyroid disorders.

Seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Excess use may result in laxative effects.

This does not replace the application of a protective screen.

Our advice

For take care of your skin as a whole in addition to your tanned complexion, complete your Absolu Solar tanning treatment with gummies Gold & Glow(here).
The sun has left spots on your skin? Take a chewable supplement treatment Absolu+ White(here).

Save up to €28.8 by putting together your pack of 2 to 6 products by clicking here.

✓ Tous types de peaux
✓ Les réfractaires aux gélules
✓ Les Gold & Glow lovers qui veulent intensifier les effets sur le teint de leur cure quotidienne Gold & Glow
✓ Les travailleurs pressés qui n'ont pas le temps de prendre ni de penser à prendre leurs compléments alimentaires, ni de bronzer
✓ Les vacanciers qui veulent un hâle intense et uniforme à leur retour de vacances
✓ Les addicts au bronzage qui veulent un teint doré et un hâle naturel toute l'année
✓ Les personnes à la peau sensible souhaitant augmenter leur résistance aux UVs

Activateur de bronzage : Préparation solaire - Protection cellulaire - Pigmentation

Un peau ensoleillée toute l'année ? C'est désormais possible avec Absolu+ Solar. Véritable activateur de bronzage l'été , il agit comme un concentré de bonne mine l'hiver ! Sous la délicieuse forme de comprimés à croquer sans sucres à l'arôme naturel fruit de la passion, vous allez adorer prendre soin de votre teint !

Des Comprimés Fruités aux Bienfaits Cutanés Inégalés

  • Préparation au soleil : +16%* de résistance de la peau aux UVs et retardement des coups de soleil
  • Protection du soleil : +63%* d'enzymes antioxydantes (défenses de la peau) & -72%* de cellules atteintes par les coups de soleil
  • Activation et accélération du bronzage
  • Participation à l’installation d’un joli hâle progressif, naturel, lumineux et uniforme
  • Sublimation de la couleur de la peau
  • Prolongation du bronzage Réparation des dommages induits par les rayons UVs du soleil : déshydratation, vieillissement prématuré (rides, perte d'élasticité,rugosité), tâches

* Selon une étude clinique double aveugle randomisée contrôlée placebo menée sur 88 hommes et femmes entre 18 et 50 ans auxquels 20 mg d'Holimel ont été administrés quotidiennement pendant 4 semaines.

Actifs Pour 3 comprimés
ASTAREAL® - Poudre d'Haematococcus pluvialis titrée en astaxanthine 30 mg dont 1,5 mg d'asthaxanthine
Extrait de tomate titré en lycopène 30 mg dont 3 mg de lycopène
HOLIMEL® M - Jus de melon concentré en SOD 20 mg dont 280 UI de SOD
Cuivre 0.20 mg (20% des AR*)

*AR : Apports de référence

Astareal® est l'astaxanthine la plus étudiée au monde avec plus de 60 essais clinques à l'appui comptant plus de 1400 participants.

Holimel® (marque du groupe Robertet) est une variété de melon Cantaloupe présentant une durée de vie impressionnante ainsi qu'une teneur exceptionnellement élevée en SOD, un puissant antioxydant. Son efficacité et son assimilation ont été cliniquement prouvées dans une étude menée pendant 4 semaines sur 88 sujets. Il s'agit d'un ingrédient français 100% Naturel & Bio, sans allergène et vegan, issu d'un process d'extraction breveté, écologique et respectueux de l'environnement, sans solvants et sans additifs.

LA LISTE COMPLÈTE DES INGRÉDIENTS : Agent de charge : sorbitol ; édulcorant : xylitol; concentré de pétales de carthame (Carthamus tinctorius), citron (Citrus limon); arôme naturel goût fruit de la passion; arôme naturel; antiagglomérants : sels de magnésium d’acides gras et mono et diglycérides d'acides gras; acidifiant : acide citrique; ASTAREAL® A1010 : poudre d'Haematococcus pluvialis (Suède) titrée en astaxanthine; extrait de tomate (Lycopersicum esculentum, Hors Europe) titré en lycopène; HOLIMEL® M : Jus de melon (Cucumis melo, France) concentré en SuperOxyde Dismutase (SOD) et huile végétale hydrogénée; édulcorant : sucralose; gluconate de cuivre. Peut contenir des traces de soja.

✓ Combien ? 3 comprimés à croquer par jour (1 pot = 60 comprimés = 20 jours)

✓ Quand ? A n’importe quel moment de la journée : au cours d’un repas ou en grignotage.

✓ Combien de temps ?

Période solaire :

  • 1 mois avant l’exposition au soleil pour préparer sa peau et activer le bronzage.
  • 2 mois pendant l’exposition au soleil pour accélérer le bronzage.
  • 1 mois après les expositions prolongées pour prolonger le bronzage.

En dehors des expositions : 3 mois à renouveler 1 à 2 fois par an pour un teint hâlé.

✓ Promesses ?  De premiers résultats dès 30 jours. Des résultats optimaux au bout de 12 semaines. *

*Les résultats peuvent varier d’une personne à l’autre.

✓ Ne se substitue pas à une alimentation variée et équilibrée et d'un mode de vie sain.

✓ Ne pas dépasser la dose journalière recommandée.

✓ A conserver au frais, au sec et à l'abri de la lumière. Ce produit doit être conservé dans son emballage.

✓ Tenir hors de la portée des jeunes enfants.

✓ Contient de l’iode (maximum 2 µg par prise journalière). Déconseillé aux personnes souffrant de troubles de la thyroïde.

✓ Demander conseil à un médecin ou pharmacien pour les enfants, les femmes enceintes ou allaitantes.

✓ Une consommation excessive peut avoir des effets laxatifs.

✓ Ceci ne remplace pas l’application d’un écran protecteur.

Pour prendre soin de votre peau dans sa globalité en plus de votre teint hâlé, complétez votre cure bronzage Absolu Solar avec les gummies Gold & Glow (ici).Le soleil a laissé des taches sur votre peau? Faites une cure de complément à croquer Absolu+ White (ici).

Economisez jusqu'à -28.8€ en composant votre pack de 2 à 6 produits en cliquant ici.

Complete the benefits

Perfect match

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Pot de 60 gummies perfecteur de peau saveur abricotCure de gummies pour une belle peau
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Proven results



Questions about this product?

ABSOLUTE + SOLAR : What is it?

It is a treatment of food supplements in the form of fruity chewable tablets with Passion Tropical flavor which play the role of both sun preparers and protectors but also tanning activators.

What are the benefits of ABSOLUTE + SOLAR ?

Absolu+ Solar has 4 main actions:

-It prepares the skin for the sun by increasing the resistance of your cells to UV rays and delaying the appearance of sunburn.

-It protects the skin before exposure to the sun by increasing the skin's natural defenses and helps reduce the number of cells affected by sunburn.

-It activates and accelerates the tan for a natural, sublime and uniform tan.

-It prolongs the tan and repairs skin damaged by UV damage.

What is the difference with Gold & Glow?

Gold & Glow brings luminosity to your complexion so you can look healthy . But it's not a sunscreen product. He does not participate in tanning.

Conversely, Absolu+ Solar will allow you to obtain a sublime, natural and uniform tan .

It is possible to combine Gold & Glow and Absolu+ Solar if your pale complexion bothers you. The synergy of the two products will make it possible to increase the skin “pigmentation” effects of the two products tenfold.

If I combine Absolu+ Solar and Absolu+ White, do the effects cancel each other out?


Certainly, the 2 products have an opposing role: Absolu+ White downregulates the synthesis of melanin (depigment) and Absolu+ Solar upregulates it (pigment). We could therefore believe that taken together, the 2 products no longer work.

Except that it is important to specify that Absolu+ White adapts to the cells and will only reduce the pigmentation of hyperpigmented cells, those that need it. While Absolu+ Solar will target cells that need to be pigmented.

So no negative interference, only ultra-complementary products.

How many tablets should I take per day and at what time of the day?

The indicated dose is 3 chewable tablets per day, at any time of the day, during a meal or as a snack.

How long does it take to see the first results?

This varies greatly depending on the user. The first effects can be seen from the first month of taking it. As with all supplements, 3 months of treatment (~4 jars) are necessary for optimal results.

Is the treatment effective on all skin types?

Whether you have white, matte or black skin color, all skin needs to be prepared and protected from the sun. So yes, the treatment will be effective in the same way for everyone in terms of preparation and protection.

Concerning the effect on tanning, it actually depends on your skin type which is genetically programmed to be more or less receptive and sensitive to the sun.

Is the product suitable for children and adolescents?

As with all food supplements, Absolu+ Solar should be kept out of the reach of young children.

For children, it is advisable to seek advice from a health professional before taking any supplement.

There are no contraindications to consumption for adolescents.

Is it suitable for both men and women?

Yes, our product works equally well on men and women.

Why is the product not recommended for people suffering from thyroid disease?

Absolu+ Solar is not recommended for people with thyroid problems because it contains iodine (maximum 2µg per daily intake). This iodine comes from the astaxanthin present in the product which is a pigment from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis.

The product is sugar-free. But what do we use instead? Aspartame?

No, our products are all without controversial additives! For the sweet taste, we use sorbitol from corn, vegetable sucralose and xylitol (from birch bark). Always in compliance with the risk-free dose limits defined by regulations.

Isn't the copper used in the product dangerous?

Copper is a mineral which is one of the useful minerals for the body and for which the regulations define a reference intake (recommended dose according to needs = 1 mg) and a maximum daily dose (safety limit dose = 2 mg) .

In ABSOLU+ SOLAR, there is 20% of the reference intake in copper and with 0.20 mg of copper, we are below the safety limit dose. So no worries!

I'm not at risk of having orange skin when taking this product?

Absolutely not ! The pigmenting effect of Absolu+ Solar adapts to the natural tone of your skin. It stimulates the synthesis of melanin naturally present in your body. Melanin is a brown pigment, not orange, so don't worry.

They adopted it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Inès T

For the Solar and tan gummies I found them a little less to my taste because I'm not a fan of apricot but they were also very effective! I kept an even and pretty tan for a few months without too much exposure, which is nice!

Delighted that you liked the effectiveness of our products Inès!


a tan activator and preparer that prepares the skin for the sun, protects it, activates and accelerates tanning. I expected a lot because I have very fair skin that tans with difficulty. To my great regret, the catastrophic weather of recent weeks has not allowed me to expose myself, but…. After three weeks, I noticed a clear healthy glow effect: my complexion is a little more intense than normal and my complexion is more even and luminous. So I am convinced that it would have been a great help to me in the sun.

Hello Audrey. We thank you for this more than complete and above all very positive review! Thank you a thousand times and have a very nice day :)

Fabienne Surdez
Tablets for tanning

A great product that accelerates tanning with natural components and they are delicious 😋 I am your biggest fan of reborn products

Angela Hope

I loved this product, what makes it special is that it tastes really good, just like candy, so I really enjoyed it. I noticed my skin became brighter once I started using it. Thank you reborn paris 🙏💯

camille florensa

Quality supplements with great taste! I recommend ABSOLU Solar to prepare your skin for the sun!

Thank you for this nice review!

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